The National Child Identification Program ID Kits are an unprecedented addition to our current programs and a wonderful benefit to all communities throughout the nationJohn S. Hooks, Jr. Supervisory Special Agent FBI

Many in law enforcement agencies across America have been involved in various types of child fingerprinting programs. Despite their best efforts, they have never fingerprinted more than a fraction of the children in their area because traditional centralized fingerprinting programs require tremendous manpower to take prints and clean up the messy black ink.

The American Football Coaches Association's National Child Identification Program in partnership with the FBI has created an inkless fingerprinting identification kit. The unique design of the National Child Identification Program's ID Kit makes it ideal for distribution by law enforcement. Police officers or other volunteers can hand the ID Kit to a parent or guardian for "at home" fingerprinting. The parent or guardian fingerprints his or her own child and keeps the identification card at home, decentralizing the process for law enforcement. Likewise, prevention information, such as anti-drug or anti-gang-related messages, can easily be distributed with the ID Kit.

The FBI recognizes the Child ID Program as its preferred method of child identification and encourages active participation in the program by the over 18,000 law enforcement agencies across the US. Law enforcement agencies play an important role in helping to fund the distribution of ID Kits in communities across the country ultimately helping us to reach our goal of protecting the Nation's 60 million children.

Law Enforcement agencies are able to participate in the National Child ID Program by using existing prevention budgets; you may expand your efforts with sponsorships through local businesses and civic groups. The AFCA and the Child ID Program had enlisted the support of various associations to help in this grassroots effort.

Entities For Law Enforcement to Approach in a Partnership Effort

  • Rotary Clubs
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Any local business
  • Faith based organizations
  • Local Credit Unions

Please join the effort to help protect America's Children through your participation in the National Child Identification Program. If just one missing child can be located through the use of the ID Kit, we will have succeeded.

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Child ID kits include

  • An Inkless Fingerprint Card
  • DNA collection site
  • Inkless Applicator